18 Aug 2015


Yeah. Probably enough Terminators.

They are a mix of different Scibor marine bodies coupled with GW terminator arms and some anvil shoulder pads. I was going for a mixed look to represent the experimental nature of the Terminator armour during the 30K era.

Given that there are different terminator armour types in HH I thought the different styles would help give the different units an individual feel.



JamieM said...

Wow - now that is some serious firepower!

I like your idea of just mixing everything up..... and the bar on HH (which we've never played a game of) has just been raised another notch.... excellent work sir!

Eddy Artillery said...


We'll play when we're good an ready!

oh....it will be GLORIOUS!!!

Junt said...

Never enough

BFG said...

Feth me, that's more than me!! And that is saying something!