19 Jul 2016

And so it begins!

I've been plugging away getting the BFG's seraphon put together and the ridiculously nice weather means I got them all sprayed over the last two lunchtimes.

So now to start the painting.

My plan, as it stands at the moment, is to add some light colours to the base white undercoat. Probably a bit of yellow, orange and some very light grey. I'll use those to create the "dino" patterning on the seraphon's hides and I hoping that ink washes over the top will stain the previous colours and make the whole effect come together. Well that's the plan.

It's always a bit daunting starting to paint a new army and especially so given that this isn't actually my army.



pulpcitizen said...

Good luck with the new army - alwasy a challenge and be interesting to watch how it progresses. :)

BFG said...

Don't worry Nat! It will be like your very own army! Seraphon are not my cup of tea, so over to you to defend Lustria, or build the invasion force to invade the the Dark Elf Islands!