21 Aug 2016

Back in the groove - infinity scenery

The house move has really put a cramp in my painting...... Although in fairness it was pretty slow before the move, I blame packing and thinking about the move instead of me being bone idle :)

I was finding it tricky to get going with painting and I find when then happens, you have to find the parts of the hobby that you are interested inannget going. That mountain of lead, plastic, resin and MDF isn't going to do itself!

Here find the fruits of my labour. I backed a Kickstarter by Troll Trader two years ago (that's the problem with kick starters, you can see exactly how long you've had something....) and the nice scenery produced had sat in its packets on the MDF sheets since then. Getting the kids involved in a "craft afternoon" of my own devising in our house meant I could sneakily get building.....

This was the start and led to this:
A four foot long freight train for any sci-fi setting. Now, this is where I often fall down and things get put away and asI really don't like the look of bare MDF on a table, I don't use it. So I resolved to get going and with the help of spray paints, masking tape and patience, I ended up with this:
Close up on the cab....

Smashing kit from TTcombat, really nice to put together and great value at £20 (annoyingly the KS price was a little higher than that, but such is life).

Along with the walkways I also made and sprayed white (in the first train picture above to the side of the train) I have done some elevators, ladders and a building by bandua

All these need detailing, weathering and acrylic pieces adding in but I'm dead pleased that I've got going again as great terrain really makes a game so hopefully that won't take long. Having been really pleased with the outcome I'm determined to drag out all of my half painted buildings and get them done too.