2 Sept 2016

And so it begins......

So Urn, Junta and I seem to have managed to sort of challenge each other to "Scenery September".

No prize just bragging rights!

I've started with some sci-fi crates that i'd knocked together from some spare Spartan Scenics detail panels that come with their kits. I thought they'd be better and more usable as crates. Put them together and undercoated them ages ago but they'd not advanced since then.

As always my painting choices make the job take longer than necessary but I'm hoping that these will look pretty funky.

After these I'll be looking to get some of the TTCombat kits I put together earlier in the year painted. Given the slow progress I made on the crates last night I wouldn't be surprised if I don't get to them for quite a few days.



pulpcitizen said...

Nice idea. :)

Junt said...

No prizes but I'm sure I can knock up a trophy