8 Sept 2016

Anything. But. Crates

Who'd of thought that crates would take sooooo long to paint. Well they do.

Sci-fi crates with lots of detail, foolishly combined with a multi colour paint scheme takes time. Its frustrating me as I feel I'm on the clock as its 'Scenery September' and I really do want to make some progress into my sizable collection of unfinished buildings.

With that in mind I have resolved to keep the crates to hand and nibble away at them whenever I have a spare ten minutes left at the end of a painting session.

So first up is some Tyre barricades and a battle damaged car (circa WWII) which I had lumped to together to be a scrapyard for Pulp City games. I've got some wood slat fencing and was just going to use these scattered within the fences to be the scrap. Might have to get one of the TTCombat little construction site offices to give the scrap merchant a place to peddle his wares.

Also undercoated last night was some TTCombat items like signs and roadworks digger generators. Had them a while and they'll look ace on the table. I will need to make a scenery piece to be the roadworks with a hole and some excavated rubble. Just to complete the set.

I'm really looking forward to doing these. Should just be a case of quick dry brushing to get them done. It'll be nice to have a finished set done.


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JamieM said...

These look promising..... And I like the way that a small set like road signs gives you an excuse to buy more scenery and also gives you more work giving somewhere to put them! We do it to ourselves......