13 Sept 2016

Some weekend purchases.

That time had rumbled around again when the (usually) annual Colours show takes place at Newbury racecourse. I do like to go as it feels like a small pilgrimage. I know that there are bigger shows but it is local and familiar to me.

I've been going to Colours since i was a kid, back then it was called Armageddon and was held at the Hexagon theater in Reading. I loved it back then as it was always crammed in with sellers all over the place in different nooks and crannies! Its moved on quite a lot with loads more space at the Newbury Racecourse but many of the original sellers still showing every year. I'm not currently playing any GZG games but it is always nice to browse their stand. It's Nostalgic.

This year I got a few bits and pieces, mainly MDF scenery cos' man I loveeee the MDF scenery!

Paints, scenery and cheap foam trays. I saw the demo game for Hysterical Games' Fantasy WWII game. The game doesn't appeal to me, although it looked fairly fun, but they had dock cranes on their table that were cool! I asked and the chap who made the board said that they were a Sarissa rail based steam crane coupled with a TTCombat Oil Rig tower. Needless to say I ended up buying the Sarissa part of that equation. Unsurprisingly the TTCombat part is currently on order.

Also brought was a American style mobile home to go with the scrapyard terrain set I am putting together. Two sci-fi scenery kits and some resin fences for the scrapyard completed the scenery purchases apart from.......

Nee Nar!! Hands up punks!!!

£6 from some stall......whose name completely escapes me. Absolute bargain for a 28mm vehicle. Thinking that I missed a trick not buying the £5 car that they also sold.

I also got to make some small progress on Scenery September. Not much tho'.

TTCombat urban street dressing from their Building Site Set. I'm intending to knock up a 'hole' as road works for this lot to go with. Just something to break up the open road sections when we play Pulp City or any future Zombie games.



JamieM said...

Cracking purchasing there! That police car is brilliant. Nice signs too, eh great for the supers to smash each other with!

pulpcitizen said...

Excellent haul, and great start on the terrain. :)

That cop car looks like an ace model and great value. :)

Junt said...

Urban construct was the stall I should have brought one it'll have to wait until warfare

Junt said...
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