21 Jul 2017

A break from painting figures for....

...a chance to paint even more scenery!!

Lots got done over the last month or so.

My TTCombat cargo ship got finished and weathered with rust.

Jolly good fun it was too!
I'm counting this as a figure because it is a vehicle and besides....I spent ages on it!
Tally up to 227!

Transfers got added to the Spartan Spaceship.

I need to go back and put weathering and wear damage on this now.

Finished off some skips for my city terrain set.

I was pretty pleased with how these turned out in the end. Relatively small and unimportant scenery pieces but nice to have them turn out so well.

A waste tower for either the junkyard or dockside.

The photo is rather washed out by the bad light in the photo but the rust effect powders do look great once applied.

At work I've started putting together some scenery kits that the Silverfox has donated into the group to be used. Not the greatest kits to put together from wargaming model mods but they'll be fine once they've been made and painted.

And.....then back to painting figures.

30 Dire Avengers.

Cos....you know.....you can't have too many Eldar. Right?

I've got 142 days left (To December 10th) to paint 138 figures. These Eldar will come off of that total shortly so I've still got several months to clear the last 109 to reach the magic 365 total.

After these I've got about fifty infantry figures to paint for 30K and then the plan is to get some superheroes painted to use on the nearly complete city terrain.

Lots of progress this year.

I also fallen behind with blogging about the games we've been having so I'll have to redouble my efforts there. With the arrival of nu40K we've been getting a fair few games in.



Michael Awdry said...

My word you have been busy, the cargo ship turned out so well.

pulpcitizen said...

Lovely work on all of it, very impressed with the painting and weathering. :)

JamieM said...

Cracking stuff, looking forward to playing around on the ship!

Not looking forward to being shot by the dire avengers, but we can't have everything now can we?

Eddy Artillery said...

Thanks Gents

I can recommend the weathering powders if you've not tried them.