8 Aug 2017

A happy little update.

I got these finished finally last night

This takes the tally so far up to 257 leaving me only 108 to complete the 365. I’m particularly please to have finished these as they’ve been sat around undercoated for ages and my Eldar have been a bit short of troop choices but not now!

Next in the queue is some more Horus Heresy stuff as I’m not far off completing all the marines Ive got for the Iron Hands and I’ve got a tray of terminators that I want to do as there are some for both the Iron Hand and the Iron Warriors.

After 15 months my Kickstarter pledge for Massive Darkness arrived! Woohoo!!

Soooo many figures! Now to get them painted but not before the game gets run out for a try!


1 comment:

Greg B said...

Always great to get some paint on old figures that have been waiting for a long time! Well done.