9 Aug 2017

Game 31

Game 31 was also AoS

Silverfox's Skaven joined my Seraphon to battle Gareth's Skaven and Junt's undead.

The deployment was on the diagonal and there were lots of Skaven....

Filthy little blighters. Apart from Silverfox's ones who were nice. Well they were on that day.

The seraphon and chaos had an aggressive plan pushing forward in the middle...

..holding the left flank....

and Steaming the right with MONSTERS!!!!

It sounded better than how it actually happened. The Undead and Skaven mobbed the big Dinos and dragged them down. The Rotters!

It didn't do so well in the middle either.

Silverfox lead a solid counter attack with a chaos deamon thingy kicking it on the left flank but I don't recall it being enough to hold the day.


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