9 Aug 2017

Game 30

I've fallen behind with posting the games that we are playing. The enthusiasm levels are high in the group and the new edition of 40K has spurred this on further!

Game 30 was a AoS game with Junt & I pitting our Undead & Seraphon against Urn and the Silverfox with their Chaos and Gobbo armies.

This was quite a few weeks ago now so I can't remember what the mission was (if any?) but we got stuck in soon enough!

The Seraphon and chaos clashed heavily and the Undead and the Gobbos got caught in a lengthy drawn out melee.

Sheesh big gobo units are hard to kill but the undead keep coming back to finish the job!

Eventually a win for Undead and Seraphon as we pushed back the chaos and gained control of the field. Or at least I think that is how it ended. Errr Yeah we'll go with that.


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