27 Dec 2017

The SilverFox 2018 Challenge

I've been quiet. So very quiet. In 2017 I hit 2,000 points for my AoS army, added a Predator to my World Eaters and stopped.

I could blame work or my other hobbies (mainly video gaming) but to be honest, once I analyse what makes me tick I realise I'm goal driven. I like a target. Something to work towards. I used to paint for tournaments but since I stopped attending those I've lost focus.

That's why the Analogue Painting Challenge is so good for me as it drives me to paint towards a target.

With that in mind I'm now introducing my Challenge to myself for Paint Year 2018. My target is to paint 3,650 points of models. The points for a unit are the in game points at the time the unit is finished. If a game doesn't use points or the unit doesn't have points then I'll settle on 10 points for a 28mm figure.

Is this achievable? Yes. Work will always throw in spanners and new video games will hog the limelight for a while but I'm determined to hit this target.

The Paint Year started on 20 December 2017 to coincide with the start of the Analogue Challenge and therefore it will end on 19 December 2018.

And here is my first 100 points! A Skaven Warlord for my AoS Chaos Army which lacks leaders...

I've built a lot of figures in advance of the Analogue Challenge so expect to see regular updates as the Challenges continue through this year.

My next unit is underway and fingers crossed it'll be done in time for the first Thursday in January which is my day for posting to the Analogue Challenge.

Wish me luck. I suspect I'm going to need it!!!


Eddy Artillery said...

Great start Silverfox!

I enjoy watching the productivity ramp up for the challenge.

JamieM said...

Excellent work foxy! I do like the green sword, very nice effect.

BFG said...

Great stuff mate, I can’t wait to see the horde of Warriors and Stormvermin!