10 Apr 2018

Some progress....

...but it doesn't feel like much.

I've been plugging away at my new AoS army. The Sylvaneth are all together now apart from the GW woods which I need to do but I want to do the army first.

Dryads are done baring the 4 I've still got coming. I got 48 Dryads with the starter sets but I wanted to round that up to 50 so I'd have full units so I ordered a sprue of 4 to get me to the 50 mark. I was then later sipping all the spares away and discovered that some of the bits from Treelord sprues work well combined with dryad bits. That gave me another 8 dryads emerging from the ground and will take me up to 60 once the extra sprue arrives! Nice!

The big 'uns are some nice models but ooooh soooo spikey! Now to wait for dry weather so I spray the little beggers.

Last night I wanted to paint so the scenery for my 30K siege plan got bumped up the queue. Just the first grey colour applied with a heavy drybrush but its a start.



JamieM said...

Excellent work! It’s a shame those little heroes are mono-pose.

I like the way most of the post is AoS and then at the end there’s a “oh, and then I painted a 40k fortress to keep the hobby butterfly voices at bay” - just like what happens to me :)

Eddy Artillery said...

Yeah the Branchwychs are nice but pose limited. The kits are so spindly that there is not much scope for conversions.