23 Apr 2018

Plugging away

I managed to finish off the wall sections and gate house for my planned 30K strongpoint attack games. All the pieces in this were great to paint and I'm pleased I've painted them all together to keep the colour scheme consistent.

The appearance of the sun lately meant I got to do some spraying as well. The Sylvaneth were done along with the ridiculously large crane that I brought from TTCombat a while back.

I've also started the base colours on the Sylvaneth. I want to get the bulk of them done over the next month or so to enable me to focus back upon Pulp City and the VSF stuff.

My tally was helped with finishing stuff but blown out again by the recent purchasing of some Forgebane stuff. Still, at least I am getting stuff painted.

Purchased: 118
Painted:     -145

Net:           -27


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