15 May 2018

GoGX: Change my Dear, and not a moment too soon...

It's been a little while but I have been busy. Honest!

First up let's take a look at the last couple of units before the GoGX army is unveiled. Both represent our friend the Blood God...

First up a Skull Cannon.
This little beauty has been sat around for a couple of years partially painted. Originally it was put together and sort of painted for a GoG trip to Nottingham - I forget which year - and then it sat languishing on a shelf upon my return as I got side-tracked by something else.
The crew were repainted as part of the Analog Painting Challenge but I left the Skull Cannon until now as I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to paint it and the Analog is not a place for uncertainty of paint scheme!
"Can you see where we're going?"... "Nope!".... Thud....
The Swords have been painted to match the usual Khorne flaming design and the crew are painted in a two-tone black/red instead of the normal red as I wanted them to be a little different to my infantry Bloodletters.

Next up a quick visit to the Underworlds of Shadespire. Now this boxset comes with 2 warbands, Khorne Reavers and Stormcast something or other... guess which one I chose to paint up??
Group shot first - meet Garrek's Reavers! I've painted them in the same colours as my AoS Reavers but given these a gold coloured armour as it seemed fitting to give them something a little more plush to suit their status amongst Reavers.
Garrek Gorebeard
 Yes it did take me a while to realise he has bare feet...

Blooded Saek
Karsus the Chained
Shadespire is a lot of fun so far. And even better this Warband have a warscroll and points so they can be fielded in AoS. Result!

And now the moment you've all been waiting for! SilverFox's take on the Daughters of Khaine for GoGX.

First up then is a unit of Tzaangors. These beastmen are the mainstay of the Daughters of... er... Disciples of... ok. Something's not right here... Let me rewind slightly...

Look I changed my mind. I know. Typical wargamer. I blame Mr.Silverback and his Nurgle boys. I got hammered by them and it finally dawned on me that I lack synergy with my mixed Chaos army; I therefore decided I needed to specialise. The one phase of the game that I've never really taken a look at is the Magic phase. So I looked around for a specialised Chaos army to build that was strong with magic.

Say hello to the Disciples of Tzeentch!

Now, where was I? Oh that's right. Here is a unit of Tzaangors!
The colour pool is the same as for the Kairic Acolytes painted during the Analog Challenge but with the loincloths painted pink with a nice red wash to provide some spot colouration.
They have a nice grey skin which was purely accidental in the fact I was aiming for a blue! Thanks to the GoGs for their votes on the couple of skin choices.
Loads of bling on these boys but again I've steered clear of actual gold paint as I find it can be too shiny.

 That is indeed a horn. With a metallic effect purple finish.
The banner is painted to match the rest of my Chaos Army. Just another 20 of these beasties to paint...

... And finally for this post we have a Gaunt Summoner. He's one of the leaders for this army and I'm pleased with the finished figure since he took just a couple of days in the end.

His skin is blue as he's a leader, plus it merged quite nicely in to the armour especially on the helmet. The feathers are the same basic colours as the loincloths on the Tzaangors to provide more of the same spot colour.
I'm chuffed with how the book pages came out. The flames are painted just like the Brimstone Horrors although with a Rakarth Flesh basecoat rather than white. The dagger also has a coat or two of the yellow shade to merge it with the flames.

And breathe...

What's the tally now then?

b/fwd 960
Skull Cannon 160
Garrek's Reavers 60
Tzaangors 180
Gaunt Summoner 120

Total 1480 / 3650 or 41% complete!
Days since the challenge began 146
Target points after 146 days =1460
Amazingly considering my usual ability to get distracted: Still On TARGET! 

GoGX total: 300/2000 = 15% complete

Love to stay and chat but painting waits for no-one...


Eddy Artillery said...

Sterling work.

I love how colourful your chaos mob is!

Von said...

Thanks Eddy. I was determined to do something different and fancied the challenge of multiple paint schemes. So far so good 😊

JamieM said...

Very nice! So far, two army changes from the participants, not a bad ratio 😉

pulpcitizen said...

Nice work all around. Kudos. :)