6 Dec 2018

Deadline: Thursday!

So lets play Age of Sigma they said.

We'll do it next Thursday they said.

Right 1000 points I said, I'll finish of my GoGX Daemons I thought, or at least 1000 points of them.

Now I have no attention span (made worse by my recent illness), I am great at starting projects, not so hot at finishing them but after playing some 30k with an unfinished army I really wanted to get this done so I cobbled together enough bits to finish and get the required points.

I always wanted to something different with the basing so I followed a tutorial on line and came up with these.....

Lava bases.

Now I think that those infused with the power of the Chaos Gods can walk on lava without issue, but its a lot of yellow and orange so I thought sod it I'll add little bits of stone later I just need to get this done for Thursday.

So wet blending at 5am, furiously adding ink stained Modge Podge coats prior to training sessions with my PT, being late to work and not getting enough sleep but I got them done.

I'm not a great painter but I am really pleased with the bases, and this army is plenty good enough for the table top.

Thursday, game night, my Khorne Daemons finally hit the table, the last coats drying on the bases, just going to finish off the black base edging and print off the unit stats and guess what?

It's months end and I'm busy at work they said.
I'm away they said.
I've got man flu they said.

No game then 😞

Well at least I got them ready 😈


JamieM said...

I’m glad we gave you the kick up the backside you needed to get them done! Always nice to have painted armies 🤓

Looks great as a consistent theme too.

Eddy Artillery said...

Just think how much you'll get done if we give you a deadline every week!


They're looking great mate.