6 Dec 2018

Deadline: XMAS!

I’ve made more progress on my Chain of Command US Army force over the last few days. Batch painting this many will take a while but will be the most efficient way to get them done. I hope to get them done to use over the Xmas period. Bit of a tall order but I’ll try!

I’ve also started the Oriental Nef that I picked up from Blotz at the Warfare Gaming Show. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s come out. Hopefully with a bit of paint I’ll be able to make the side sails look slightly less flat.

I really must take stock in the New Year as I've got sooo many things started. A list! I must make a list of things to finish in 2019!



Junt said...

Show them the other thing :)

Eddy Artillery said...

No! its not complete!

Or did you mean my winky?

JamieM said...

Excellent work! I too have a list of things “to be done over Christmas....” wonder how many we’ll all get done?