3 Jul 2019

A brief distraction

I’ve been working away at the walkways for ages and decided to give myself a quick hobby break. I have a great many started projects in my study so I’m keeping up with my resolve to get things done and finished instead of starting anything new.

Wark backed the Drop Fleet Commander Kickstarter a number of years ago and very kindly handled me a fleet when it delivered. Well It struck me that I really should paint these up especially as I will be able to use them for Full Thrust as well.

Two tones of sprayed red, some washes and a couple of details picked out and they were done.

They really are nifty models and I really quite like the Hawk interface widgets. Handy solution to the basing issue with Space models at this scale.

This also made me dig out several old Full Thrust forces which I've had for...literally decades.

ESU - Eurasian Solar Union - that's space Russians to you.

 Kra'Vak - Rail gunny aliens. No. Not the Tau!

UNSC - United Nations Star Command - Yeah...Star fleet wannabes!

These might find themselves getting done shortly too!

Painted YTD: 202

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