26 Jul 2019

Loads of ships!

The Full Thrust bug must have bitten me pretty badly because after the Shaltari fleet the next ones found themselves done as well in no time at all.


It’s always fun to paint different things and this was certainly the case. Quick simple and fun to paint. Very cathartic!


I’ve got Kra’vak ships from GZG still unpainted but they are seriously old. I think I prefer the idea of using the Shaltari fleet from DFC as proxies instead. If that doesn’t work I can always buy some of the updated Kra’Vak figures at Colours or Warfare.

Tally YTD: 215

Talk has started about a mega gun of AoS in November so thoughts have turned to new forces to be added to my Seraphon forces. Hunting around I came across, quite by accident, a fellow selling alternative Razordons

Check out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/tabletopengineeruk?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Cool 3D printed goods. One to watch I reckon.

Long story short I ordered a bundle and I was properly impressed when they arrived. The print quality is good and I can't discern any contour lines that I believe are typical with low quality 3D prints.

Straight into the paint queue!

Yup. Will but from Him again!


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