31 Dec 2008

Skin of my Teeth!

Well after last month, I thought this month would be a darn site easier! Well.....it wasn't, mainly bacause of problems with the conversion on the Tiger I. This I sadly had to scrap as the additional parafanalia (spelling!) made it look like a small childs toy....

so back to the basics and only a couple of additions, troops riding desant, a tank commander and a hull mounted Heavy Bolter, this should add a much needed battle cannon as well.

The Command HQ has 4 Plasma Guns and a Heroic Senior officer, I toyed with the idea of a trademark item, which I may still add later, but decided to stick to the basics

My defensive Guard army is looking more and more like it's becoming an assault army every month.....

There we go for now! Next month, here I cooooome!!

next month 40 conscripts with 4 flamers and a Commissar to lead them!!

1 comment:

Silverback said...

Nice to see you keeping these going.

I love the tank and the tank riders. The HQ looks great as well.

With Armour 14 and the new rules, the russ will last longer... we hope