25 Jan 2009

The Demolisher hits town!!

Well guys, after much deliberation I came up with my next choice weghing in at 220 points we have the Imperial Guards famed Demolisher (Tiger I variant).

This little baby has extra armour, track guards, hull mounted Lascannon and sponson mounted (Turret variany) plasma cannons.

The Track guards or side skirts are just plastic card while the hull mount is a cut down Lascannon with sprue cut to represent the housing for it. A bit more green stuff and we're good to go!

Here she is with another tank hunter of the unit! Hopefully lending some welcome backup for the poor foot sloggers!!


Silverback said...

Is it just me or does this Army look very scary at 1000pts now.

2 Lehman Russ, loads of troops and a hellhound - ouch-tastic.

'ang on ya stoopid boyz, dem is only humies n wez like to hit them dem lotz.

BFG said...

Cripes DM....they doz...i mean does...I mean do!!!

Jees run for it!!