28 Feb 2009

Steel Legion Armoured fist!

Well here we are.....last day of the month again and posting my 250 pointer for the GoG army!

I have a chimera shown here, however I intend to replace this one with a Hanomag once it arrives.

This will be in keeping with the whole WWII German theme I am following.

I will also be using another Hanomag to transport my Ogryn......gotta have them!!! New rules coming that makes them irresistable! So I also get to use my beloved original Ogryn figures, six of them!

This time around I have used a mix of GW washes on the base colours and I have also colour coded the arm badges to set the out as a different unit from the infantry Platoons.

I have also noted the "Bodyguard" entry in the sneak releases, this led me to think on using a model which I bought for my Demonhunters army 4 years ago.

WiP.....few more conversions with wysiwyg on the officers and their trademark items.
Next month a peek at these trademark items and the biker gangs "Rough riders".


Eddy Artillery said...

Nice stuff!

Really like that bear figure!!

Silverback said...

Bring on the Trumpets.

It's Waldo and his amazing dancing polar bear!

marvel at his glossy white fur, cringe at his pointy teeth and quiver at the cost of a resin model :)