28 Mar 2010

A weekend of productivity

So as you all know the long haired general went away this weekend so I had 2 full days of me time.  I vowed not to play any computer games and get on with some good hobby time.  So apart from eating, watching movies and research adult educational movies on the magical interweb, I spent the time assembling, basing and painting.  These are the fruits of my labours.

2 Bastions (1 was nearly finished already)
8 Long Sections and 8 Short Sections of Barricades.
4 x Large 15mm ruins from a company called Fieldworks for FoW.
My latest recruiting drive for the americans yielded, (all based with filler and undercoated)
  • 10 Bazooka Teams
  • 4 x Heavy MG teams, HQ and Spotter.
  • 4 x 81mm Chemical Mortar teams with HQ and Spotter.
  • 2 x Arty Staff teams
  • 3 jeeps for Recce
  • 1 x AA 37mm HQ M3 Half track - M13
  • 1 x AA Quad .50cal M3 Halftack.
and 20 Bloodletters painted - they had previously been undercoated.

So there you go - so what have I learned.  Investing in sending the good lady to a Spa for the weekend does wonders for clearing your hobby backlog and also ruins your eyesight ;)

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