3 Mar 2011

The Wolves are coming out to play

Well this lot have been sat on the shelves for a while now; actually since the Codex came out. Real Life got in the way plus other projects so they've sat patiently, biding their time.

So here are some WIP shots of the first squad of Grey Hunters.

Armour is Scorched Brown. Shoulder Pads = Mordian Blue with Boltgun Metal rims.
Mechrite Red on hair and fur.
Two of these dudes with Plasma Guns. This squad is designed to sit 24" from the enemy and blat away; they will eventually be joined by a Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour carrying an Assault Cannon.

And the full squad posing for their picture...
All the block colours are on. Next step is to tidy up the edges with Chaos Black and then it's onto highlights (yes I'm going to give them a go) and washes.

The full 500 points will be these Grey Hunters + Wolf Priest + Long Fangs + Scouts. However, once this squad is complete I'm moving onto some scenery for Planetstrike and then a Dystopian Wars fleet.

Then it'll be back to this lot.

In other news I've finally secured some more Humbrol Desert Yellow spray paint so my World Eaters are finally able to acquire reinforcements. Raptors coming soon. Ish.

Right. Now where did I put Killzone 3?

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