20 Mar 2011

The Wolves reach 500

Little bit quieter this week with only 6 figures and a bit of scenery completed. In my defence I did have 3 days without painting this week. Well I think it's a pretty good excuse...

Anyway. I decided to stick to the Space Wolves and complete the 500 points so that at least they're useable. Evil Monkey and I are planning to go to Calneage in September and these chaps will be my 1/2 of the team up!

First the Wolf Priest:

Then I completed the Long Fangs. 5 man unit with the Leader, 2 Lascannons and 2 Heavy Bolters:

I have noticed that the red fur on some of them has come up quite brightly so evidently ye olde Blood Red was a little too think on the brush. A coat of Red Wash coming up soon...

Here is the whole 500 points: all 21 figures of it!
I'm aware I was supposed to be doing Planetstrike terrain but, erm, got slightly distracted. I have completed the Aegis Line and here's 1 piece of it:
To keep my sanity I'm now going for Unit followed by scenery followed by unit etc.
The current plan sees 4 Tzeentch Raptors on the table to make the unit up to 10; then the Skyshield, then possibly 10 Tzeentch Havocs and then the Fortress.

After that will be the Prussian Fleet for Dystopian Wars.

That's the plan as of tonight. No doubt it'll change as soon as those pesky Grey Knights come out because having looked through the Codex today I'm sorely tempted. What do you mean that's no surprise??! Cheek...


Silverback said...

Looking good, although I must admit the red on the wolf pelt looks a bit intense. That is probably the light from the camera and will fall into the same as my Blood Angels, look a lot better in real life.

Silverback said...

Forgot to add, I chuffing hate long fangs.

Von said...

Ah but my Long Fangs have been to the Larry School of Lascannoning (tm) so you should be fine. Right?