2 Nov 2011

First games of Pulp City!

So, the Silverback and I were the only ones left standing for our usual Tuesday evening session and after much umming and ahhing over what to do, we plumped for trying out our first game of Pulp City!

The City streets are still under construction, so the encounter occurred in the Pulp City graveyard..... a pretty good choice given the proximity to halloween!

We went for a straight brawl and ignored resources to keep it simple. I was the villains and recruited Hellsmith, Tritonius and Stalker and faced off against the heavy Metal team of Dr. Mercury, Lady Cyburn and Androida. You can see my set up positions below at the edge of the graveyard (Heavy Metal all started hiding behind trees so the photos were rubbish!)

A mid game shot with all of the figures shown.....

Androida ran up the flank and then got charged by a raging Stalker who managed to cut her to pieces in a couple of turns. Lady Cyburn then turned on the flames and burned Tritonius badly and damaged Hellsmith - in a later turn she finished off poor Tritonius whose water nature made him vulnerable to her flames!

Hellsmith and Stalker then smashed her into the ground and turned on Dr Mercury..... Who promptly ripped them both a new one in very short order! He's an absolute monster who hits like an anvil (literally) and is really tough. He's the only supreme we found who was both strong and tough and didn't even break a sweat taking out 2 supremes on his own.

So, we reset and this time the villains must have fooled the heroes because it was hero on hero action! Iron Train, Cronin and Nuclear Jones faced off against Solar, Perun and Stalker (again).

Slower start for my heroes as perun called on the power of the storm to charge himself up and the others went forward. Solar and Perun started flying and Solar called upon the power of the sun to touch his friendly supremes and give them +1 to all opposed rolls (nice!).

Cronin ran forward and flurried on Perun who took a couple of points of damage and Solar and Nuclear Jones chucked sun rays and nuclear missiles at each other - comic book heaven :)

Iron train just huffed and puffed down one flank whilst Perun smashed up Cronin and Nuclear Jones dropped nuclear fallout and eventually detonated himself to cause Stalker and Solar a fair number of wounds. Iron Train then put the kitty out by spooking Stalker with a ghostly train bu the combined might of Solar and Perun were enough to finish him off and win the day. Pic below of the fight in progress.

So, what did we learn? Pulp City is good fun! The basic rules are simple and the exclusive actions really give each supreme their own flavour. There's plenty more for us to learn about combos and the like and getting into the streets to chuck cars about will be fun :)

Most rolls end up causing between 0-3 damage so careful plannng is needed, but when boosted though (or just if your name is Mercury) you can cause more (7-8) which can be a real game changer, taking out supremes in a punch or two.

Looking forward to a few more games, so expect to see the street scenery move up the to do list!


Von said...

Very Spooky. Sun rays and nuclear bombs - smiling like a little kid here!

Looking forward to seeing the city scape grow and cars get thrown around.

Silverback said...

Agreed, this trial of the rules was sparse of things to be thrown. Once we hit the streets, stand by.

We also found that some of the stat cards we have are considerably different to the latest versions........ :(

we must sort this out soon.

Eddy Artillery said...

Can't wait!!

I gotta whole barrel full o' Monkeys to let loose!

Viva la Revolution!

Viva la A.R.C!