30 Oct 2011

Through the Sea Mist they came...

What's this? My blog posts are just like buses: none for ages and then 2 in rapid succession.

I finally found some time to crack on with my Prussian Fleet for Dystopian Wars. Now those of you who have been following the blog for a while will remember that I painted the fleet quite a while ago. Unfortunately when we used them on the table they were too dark and could not be seen.

Back to the drawing board then! Drawing inspiration from Eddy's and Silverback's fleets I added sea bases and set about lighter colours.

Now the room was a bit dark for these pictures but hopefully they come out all right! The sea has been painted Regal Blue and is to be finished this week with some highlights and washes to bring out the stormy conditions.

The Fleet set Sail
 They all have to be named yet which is my next challenge. I shall delve into the DW backstory for the Prussians and also look back to history itself to gather inspiration. I shall not be naming the battleship Bismarck!
Squadron of Frigates - 3x3 Squadrons in the Fleet
The hulls and steel plates are Codex Grey, the "wooden" effect decking is Mechrite Red, the metallic pieces are Boltgun Metal.

Battleship Ho!
Battleship with Shield Generator
I think they look a lot better than the old dark and dingy ones! Now I need to get them into action again.
Cruisers - 3 of them in the Initial Fleet
So that leaves me with the Bombers and Little Planes to do before next weekend. The Airship will have to wait for now until I've at least had a couple of battles.

Next weekend the Necrons are released and I suspect the lure of the shiny will drag me away again so all hands to the pump this week!


JamieM said...

Great to see you back on the painting trail Nick, just in time for the toasters to get a new codex ;) I think the bases add as much as the new paint job in making them "fit" the tabletop.

Perhaps I'll end up getting a fleet sooner rather than later after all......

Silverback said...

they look a lot better.

A lighter palette has led to more the detail being on display.

Love the bases and look forward to sinking these again soon :)

Eddy Artillery said...

Looking good.

The bases are very cool!