12 Oct 2011

Some more Pulp City

So, here they are, the latest Pulp City figures to roll off the production line The flash photography doesn't do them any favours, but such is life!

As I mentioned in my last post, I needed more level 1 supremes, so here are two more with 1 unique minion (the zombie wolf).

The sculpt of Red Riding Hoodoo is one of my favourites of the PC line. I also couldn't improve upon the standard colour scheme and I like the light bandages contrasting with the dark skin. I'm pleased with the final figure and the detail is really nice, she's holding a little voodoo doll in her left hand for example.

The Zombie Wolf was.... average. Lots of green stuff to fill the large gap where the left and right side went together and a quick paint job to get it done. 'Nuff said.

Stalker was an interesting decision for me. Technically, he/she is a black panther. But I hate painting black. I tried and really didn't like where it was going, so took the decision that she was now a she-lion as I had some colours I wanted to use which would work for that. Mostly pleased with the final result, although the wash colour was a little strong (but looks fine at tabletop distance). A word of thanks must also go to the Silverback for painting the mailbox which was originally intended as street furniture. The Stalker figure comes with an Incan column to be climbing off, but I decided that might look a little silly in the streets of PC, so I used the mailbox which was the perfect height and the rounded top fitted the leg shape perfectly :) I see it that she climbed up there for a recce and is climbng down to move in for the attack.


pulpcitizen said...

RAFM mailbox? If so, I will have to pinch that idea for my next stalker.

Great stuff.

I too struggled with putting my Zombie Wolf together - loads of GS on mine too.

JamieM said...

The mailbox is by a company called mega miniatures. I bought a pack of street scenery at a convention years ago - for 40k cities of death. No idea what I was thinking, but it worked out perfectly for pulp :)

They're on eBay if you wanted to see what they produced.

Eddy Artillery said...

Loving the mail box!

It has just made me think about rebasing my, currently unpainted, Le Murtiple figures. They might look good sat on a plethora of random urban objects!