12 Oct 2011

Painting Progress

Ok, so I have been slacker than a slack thing that has been repeatedly stretched when it comes to posting my pics of painted stuff.

Anyway, to make amends here are the latest bits of output.  I always wonder why the figures don't look as good in the pics as they do in real life.

So, in order of precedence, are

Dystopian Wars reinforcements of a couple of Scout Gyros, Big Airplatform and the sexy Ika Submarines :)

Pulp City 4 lovely little figures (can you tell I had just watched the Watchmen with the Harrier figure?)

Hell Dorado - a Female cook that could come from any fantasy novel.  A great figure to paint and looks stunning in the flesh so to speak - very happy with her.


Von said...

Multiple systems in one post?! Show off :-)

Really liking the Pulp City figures and I'm nearly inspired to crack on and get some done.

That submarine is just wicked.

Eddy Artillery said...

Cracking work there Mate!

I really like the grey flowery kimono! PC stuff looks cool! Where is this photo of the sarissa building that Urn threatened with with? I've heard good things about how it has turned out and want a look before I start mine!

DW is awesome as well! Saw this post originally last night but had little baby Verity in my arms so couldn't respond. Seeing your DW made stare wistfully at the KoB stuff I still have in their packets on my shelves. Soon my pretties! Soon!