30 Oct 2011

Was that the sound of an Alarm Clock?

They're back...

PX-0967 Army of Necrons
 Sorry couldn't resist cos, y'know, resistance is futile.
Flayed Ones - Happy I have these as don't like the new Finecast ones
 I'll stop now. If not then feel free to Delete...

Wraiths & Tomb Spyders just added
Ahem. I love Necrons. Have done ever since I got a free metal Necron on the cover of a White Dwarf a long time ago (2nd Edition?). I used an all metal army during the first "Codex" which I think was in White Dwarf again and consisted of Lord, Warriors, Immortals, Scarabs and Destroyers.

Then came the first real Codex and I bought the army box so that I could get the Codex early. The army you see in these pictures is the one that was awakened from that Codex. All except the Wraiths and Tomb Spyders which have been painted this weekend: well they were in a box and looking forlorn plus I need the army for Spoils of War Campaign at the end of November!

And then they went to sleep again. They were not too interesting to play at times because the Phase Out rule meant that your opponent usually ignored the mission and just tried to kill enough Necrons to make you lose.

But now they're back. Remember, remember the 5th of November because that's the day the Universe will shake as a thousand billion alarm clocks go off and the Necrons finally awaken from their slumber...

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pulpcitizen said...

A scary looking phalanx there! Great stuff.