18 Oct 2011

The Dark Eldar challenge continues......

So, I thought an update was in order as to the feasibility of getting the DE done by the weekend.

First up, the unit of wyches and bloodbrides - not much left to do on these, the ones on the left have all had the jade highlight added to the green armour, so probably just the final 5 or so to finish, some touch ups on the Guard equipment that they're leaping over and that'll be the first figures finished.... With 4 evenings to go. Gulp.

This is the next unit of wyches. All washes done and just the red, brass and armour to highlight. I really want to get the wyches all finished because I'm sure I won't get the green armour highlighted on the rest of the army and I think it might just be a tad disheartening if I have to go back and add more paint to everything after the weekend.

Talking of not getting things finished, these are the 20 warriors + Archon. Still need to finish the armour washes on about half of them (on the right) and then highlights to do.

And finally a quick shot of some of the vehicles (there are another 4 in addition to these). My current approach to getting them painting is to stick my fingers in my ears, close my eyes and hum loudly and hope that when I take them out of their cases, they'll magically be finished. Always works that way, right?

I'm still really enjoying painting them and it always seems to be that I have to drag myself to the painting table when I just feel like slumping in front of the TV, but really enjoy the painting once I start. The tournament is definitely having a positive effect as there have now been hours of painting that I just wouldn't have done without the motivation of this weekend. I just need to make sure i don't need a new army every month :)


pulpcitizen said...

Having been a few years since I painted an army (an itch I am not yet again ready to scratch BTW), it is always good to see a nice army develop such as this one. Kudos. :)

BTW - my only criticism would be the use of coasters fro flying bases on the vehicles - in 4th edition you could use a larger base without opponent permission, but now... :)

Just kidding! :p

JamieM said...

Lol - fair comment! You'll be pleased to know that the army got to a "legally" painted stage with finishing punches to be done more at my leisure.

And I know what you mean about not feeling the need to paint an army, I always forget just how long it takes....

Time to finish pulp city scenery now!