12 Oct 2011

Foxy Lady


Some of you may remember me from the Solo GoG Blog during the first six months of 2011....

.... and then I disappeared. I won't bore anyone with the details but suffice to say that I'm nearly, almost back but not quite yet. Once MAD (40K tournament alluded to by the esteemed Urn) is out of the way I'll have some more time to paint.

Expect November onwards to involve me hopefully getting my mojo back!

In the meantime I have been painting 1 figure and she's nearly done: highlights and the base to go.

Viktoria - Queen of Blades

Meet one of the Viktoria twins for Malifaux. Her sister has been started together with other members of the initial gang (Convict Gunslinger, Taelor, Ronin & Student of Conflict). Once done Von Schill will join them to make a 35 point gang.

Viktoria's Rear

She's usually painted blue but as my goal is to include the Ochre colour in all my Outcasts I eventually settled on using it as her base colour. It has merged a little with the flesh so some highlighting required. I think the blue armour has come out quite nice: very simple Boltgun metal with a Azurman Blue wash. I like simple...


JamieM said...

Very nice indeed! The blue armour is great and I like your plan of adding yellow to the outcasts. Fair point on it merging with the flesh at the moment, but a highlight should sort it out nicely.

Good to see you back on the blog, hopefully it'll inspire us all to paint like lunatics!

Eddy Artillery said...

Looking good Mr Fox!

Silverback said...

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Silverback said...

In all seriousness, that is a good paint job.