13 Oct 2011

FoW Buildings

I've been rather distracted of late what with the arrival of 'Shell. This is the Gog nickname for my firstborn child so named by the Gogs. Seemed fitting for the offspring of Mr & Mrs Artillery!

This said I have managed to grab five minutes here and there to do a (very) little hobby stuff. I've set up my airbrush finally and used it to undercoat a load of figures and to put the base coat onto one of the laser-etched buildings that I'd brought at Colours. Once dried I finished it off with dry-brushing.

It is a bit dark so I will make an effort to make the next one a lot lighter. When I get round to it.


JamieM said...

Very nice! I like the texture you got onto the face of the building - that was my concern when I saw it first, unbuilt. The nature of the building with the cornerstones look ok too, but I'm less keen on the chimneys as they take u more of the surface.

Still, very good start and cheap to boot - HDF is rapidly becoming a GOG favourite!

Sarisaa buildings to follow once I've done the grey stone and windows, just on hold at the moment due to the sark eldar.....

Eddy Artillery said...

Sark Eldar?

A Dark Eldar coven who use sarcasm to torture their victims?


Silverback said...

I thought the Sark Eldar came from one of the lesser known channel islands?

Mate, that buidling looks great, the texture and the highlights on the roof tiles look fab.