29 Dec 2011

Malifaux Storm

Firstly - Hope everyone enjoyed/is enjoying Xmas!
Secondly - Apologies for the quality of some of the photos: I need to sort out my lighting system.

On Boxing Day I was sat minding my own business with a box of chocolate biscuits when I decided I needed to paint something. Many choices on the shelves including my Dark Eldar army for 40K but in the end I plumped for completing one of the many new systems that turned up in 2011.

Malifaux stepped forward.

The Viktoria Twins
When we started Malifaux I picked up the Outcasts and prompty painted Von Schill and the Freikorps: a total of 6 models. As happens with wargamers I obviously bought more figures than I needed and ended up with 20.
I added the Viktoria Twins Mercenary group and then picked up figures that I liked the look of. I know shocking - fancy buying figures because they look cool without any knowledge of what they do on the tabletop.
Johann + Taelor
 I set myself a challenge to paint all 14 remaining figures before the end of 2011 just to prove that I can complete these new gaming systems!
Convict Gunslinger + Bishop

I painted them in batches to keep things quick and went for a wide selection of colours to keep things really interesting.
I kept one colour the same throughout the models: they all have Tau Sept Ochre + Gryphonne Sepia somewhere on them. I chose this because the Outcasts colour on their cards is a deep yellow.

Hans + Desperate Mercenary
They are also all on the Graveyard bases except Johann and Misaki who come with their own bases.
Jack Daw + Student of Conflict
I have some tidying up to do on the bases but otherwise this lot are done.
Freikorp Trapper + Librarian
So that's 14 figures in 3 days which is good for me and a completed gaming system... well, until new figures appear!
Next up I think will be Pulp City as I want to get these alternate systems up and running as fast as I can so I can then go back to my Dark Eldar.
Von Schill + Freikorp Specialist
Happy New Year!
Outcast Party


Silverback said...

These look great and a lovely common theme.
All we need to do now is rack up a few games with these little beauties.

Nice to see you back painting.

pulpcitizen said...

They do look nice, but brighter lighting would help. :)