13 Nov 2012

Chaos Drive Continues

My drive to paint as much Chaos as possible continues! I've now got myself into a fairly good routine of an hour or two of hobby time every night of the week (except Tuesday's which are gaming nights!) and then some good hours at weekends. It helps that I've started popping over to Triple every couple of weeks where hobby time is an absolute.

So first up here are the 10 Cultists from the Dark Vengeance boxset with Autoguns. Lovely figures considering they are a starter set and very easy to paint.

Say hello to my Little Friend
I've tried to use very similar colours to the World Eaters without making them look exactly like the Berzerkers. So lots of Mechrite Red just like the Berzerkers but then Tausept Ochre rather than sand. Again though a very small pallette to keep things simple and plenty of washes.
Right. Where's that Aegis Defence Line they promised?
Experimented with the new Washes on these chaps and they don't look too bad. What it did show me though is that the new Carroburg Crimson wash is a good deal darker than the old Baal Red. Not good as the Red wash is the colour that finalises my scheme.

A quick trawl of eBay and I found someone in Glasgow with 10 pots of Baal Red on buy it now. Sorted. That should keep me going for a while.
Nice Mask. Gun's not too shabby either.

And as I wait for the bases of the Cultists to dry I've plonked the Maulerfiend on the painting table and started work on him. He's another model that perhaps some pieces should have been left off originally until painted - like the shoulder pads... Still sure it will be fine.

My right side
I also decided to break him off his base so I could properly paint him underneath and then give him a proper designer base when ready.... must be some more Howling Griffons I can accidentally add!

Experimenting with the new Khorne Red paint instead of Mechrite and then I'll use a bit of Mephiston Red to brighten it before plastering on the washes.
My Other side
Brilliantly I have a week off work next week so I suspect that providing the list of things to do around the house isn't too long that I should get some good quality hobby time. Wahoo!

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Eddy Artillery said...


Please be aware that the inclusion of dead Howling Griffons on a models base is exactly the same as wearing a sign that says 'Shoot Me!'