29 Nov 2012

New Scenery

Warfare is always bad for my wallet. Fact.

There is a cliche' about having an Angel and a Devil whispering in your ears. In my version I had three Devils; Von, Silverback and Junta were all egging me on to buy more and more Warmill stuff. They know how weak I am!

Anyhoo I ended up with four of the new Warmill shipping containers and very nice they are too. Not the simpliest of kits as you have to be very careful with several place specific parts that are very similar looking. Like Ikea on acid! Nice models tho'.

I also got some of the cheap Warbases modular building to be scenery for our upcoming games of Dystopian Legions. Under £30 got me nine buildings. They needed roofing but that is a quick enough job. Especially if you take them to work and do them in your lunch breaks. It's okay.....my colleagues know I am a nerd. In fact they are so accustomed to it that all that is left is a casual interest in what I am actually doing ;-)


Junt said...

I am glad that you listened to my advice that 4 cargo containers are better then 2, they will look good with your Aleph hiding behind them.

Junt said...
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Silverback said...

There are both oranges and potatoes in the background of that pic... What scenery will they become???

warhammer39999 said...

Those containers look great. Do you mind if I ask if those are scratch built or purchased? If you bought them, where can I get a set?