18 Sept 2013

Latest Dreadball Results

Welcome sports fans to the thirty second sports roundup on DBTV1. And what a week it has been!!

We've seen surprise victories from the underdogs! The Maidens and the Wasps have both managed to pull out stunning victories despite being fighting against the odds!

The Brickies are proving to be stoic in the midfield having recovered from their early defeats at the hands of the Neutrinos who themselves have seen their almost perfect score line marred by a shock defeat! Still the rest of the league has a lot of work to do to catch up with the Neutrinos and their runaway score line.

Lastly we need to mention the Orxs and what a horrible week they've had. Two defeats and a fatality at the hands of the Dreadball launcher can only have been partially made up by their mauling of one of the Dwarf players. Bitter Sweet revenge at best!

We're at the half way mark for the 2013 league and it is still open. Can the rest of the pack catch the Neutrinos with their games in hand or have the Nuka-Cola boys done enough to capture the Trophy?

We won't know until the final whistle so make sure and stay tuned to DBTV1 for what is proving to be rip roaring season!

Next up tonight on DBTV1: Just how fast is the Dreadball Launcher?

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