4 Sept 2013


“AWWWWW and he has missed it!” *

“That’s right Buzzzz the Z’Zor’s toss has gone loose in the Maiden’s end.”

“Pharr Pharr eh Buzz?”

“Sorry Buzzzz! I just realised what I just said! Sorry to the folks at home! It’s just really easy to get caught up in the moment when the players get so very close to slamming one in the hole!”

“I’m hearing you Buzz! The excitement is really mounting as the Wasps are still trying to press home their advantage in numbers but they just don’t seem to be able to get to the climax of their plays”.

“I know Buzzzz! The Wasps have tried several times now to slip one in past the Maidens defence but the girls have been fast to close up the gaps to their holes”

“Correctamundo good buddy! The girls are putting up a valiant fight and their early lead seems to have really rattled the bugs from the West Side”.

“Oh Crunch! It looks like the girls have had another player taken for treatment”

“Indeed Buzz! I wish I could tell you which one it was but I really can not tell the humans apart. All I know is that she didn’t see Crab Ronidae, the Wasps Guard, as he thundered into her. Another blow for a team low on players to start with. This was only made worse, earlier in the game, when Wasps Lineman Chrys Ididae sent one of their team to the morgue with a slam that we could almost feel up here in the commentator’s box let alone down in the ladies end.”

“Of course Buzzzz that we must take a moment to send our thoughts out to the family of……?”

“Pussy Galore Buzz?”

“Yes there is Buzzzz. But let’s stay on Topic for the folks at home.”

 “Yes indeed Buzz. The girls have taken a hell of a pounding! It’s been bloody gashes everywhere!”

“Absolutely Buzzzz! There is so much blood out there it looks like we’ve had the painters in!”

“But the losses aren’t holding the Maidens back Buzz…no siree! They’ve even managed to turn around a small lead from the bugs with a devastating play to steal back the lead! Awesome play from the humans!”

“But what’s this Buzzzz!?! The Wasps are making a play for it. I can see that there are only seconds left on the clock and the ball is in the Wasps end with one of the jacks, Tory Midae I think, he's making a play for it.”

“Tip Hiidae has seen what he is doing and the striker is going for the Maidens sweet spot! He’s there ready! One quick toss into the maidens end and they will have it!”

“Tory’s claw has gone back! HE’S THROWN IT!!!”

“IT’S WIDE! The ball has gone wide and there’s the whistle! Game over for the Wasps and what a win for the valiant Maidens who have earned that win despite the odds being against them at the start!”

“Indeed Buzzzz. A great win for the plucky ladies and some serious questions to be asked in the Wasps Changing room”

“I should say so Buzz as the Wasps strikers spent far too much time on their backs when they really should have been taking advantage of the maidens whilst they were on top”

“I couldn’t have put it better myself Buzzzz!”

*All translated from the Z’Zor language to Galactic Common.

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