19 Feb 2014

Even. More. Scenery!

I went to "A call to arms" at the weekend. A small, nay tiny, gaming event that is held up the road from me each year. I was determined to go as Colours is not on this year and I'll have to wait until Warfare in November......unless we roam further afield this year.

I didn't spend much time at the show because.....well there wasn't much to see but I did have a chance for a long chat with one of the lads from Warmill, Ed I think, the one who does such a bang up job painting all their kits for their website. Of course I had to make a purchase after using up so much of his valuable time!

As I've found with their other kits, the Hoboxs and SIR cargo containers, this went together really easily and was a joy to make. Even before sanding the small tufts left from removing them from their sheets, the whole kit went together and stayed together during the dry fit. Then it was just a quick job to add a little glue and it was done.



Junt said...

Overlord at Abingdon is a smaller show but not bad (nothing like Colours or Warfare). You could pick up some more scenery but then you might have to start playing Infinity with it (or even better Judge Dredd).

Eddy Artillery said...

Good call Junt! I'd forgotten about Overlord. Haven't been to that one for a few years.