13 Feb 2014

Whilst it continues to rain.....

....i have resolved to concentrate on putting things together in the hope that I'll have plenty to spray up when we finally see the back of these storms. If. It. Ever. Stops. Raining. :-/

Next up after the Invincible is a bundle of Eldar Shadow Spectres & their Lord. The GoGs had been kind and given me a unit of them as a lovely present for my 40th 30th Birthday.They are an awesome unit of the Forgeworld Eldar Zaapy Killy Eldar with Jumppacks. Cool! Which is why I had secret already brought a unit of them Teeee Heee! ;-)

So its turns out I have two units of these lovelies! I'm looking forward to fielding these in an infantry only force as the Anti-Tank element given that they have a special combines fire special rule which has the potential for a unit of six to get upto Str10 AP2. Only one shot but yoiks! it gives you options on the battlefield. The guns are pretty cool normally with a focused and dispersed fire options like the fire prism. All cool stuff.

Now lets pray the rain stops soon so I can spray them!



JamieM said...

Already bought yourself a unit? lol! This really does give you a monster unit then, either with the Lord or using him as an Exarch stand-in.

I look forward to seeing them line up alongside the other aspect warriors that you put on the table instead of jetseers and wave serpents ;)

Silverback said...

Wow , I am sure those guns are compensating for something!