13 Feb 2014

Launching the Invincible

I got extremely excited when Spartan released their scenery range. Lots of lovely usable terrain at a good price and light and strong. Since then I have been buying bits and bobs resulting in a boxed mountain of stuff to do.
Months later and I have finally stopped procrastinating and managed to get started on the stuff. I decided to start with the stand alone Invincible class planetary dropship to see what the Spartan sets were like. I'd seen little on the nets except for a few posts from people who seem to have had some problems. Those problems appear to relate to the tight fit on the joints. With this in mind I started with a dry fit and soon discovered that the secret to this kits is not to worry about the tabs but to address the slots (F'Nar F'Nar). Easily done with a flat miniatures file. Just file enough to remove the scorch mark from the etching process and then the tabs should fit easily enough.

Now the Ship doesn't have that many slots so it was easy but I suspect that this will make the other scenery sets a bit more work to complete. I am unworried however as I shall just chip away at them doing one piece to completion, construction wise, before starting on the next.

Other than a bit of filing the kit went together pretty easily and was simple to do with PVA glue. I addd some embellishments once finished to cover up the most obvious connections. This was done easily with some spare mdf bits from other kits and a couple of bits of plasticard.

I added a Space Marine to one of the pictures for scale. This thing is a monster!

  Now to paint the bleeder!


JamieM said...

That really is a monster!

It looks really cool and should be great for Infinity scenery to get the cleaner sci-fi look.

Silverback said...


pulpcitizen said...

Really looking forwards to seeing that painted and finished. :)