26 Mar 2017

Vulpes Voice 1

Once Upon a Bi-Weekly Update

Well hello!

Silver Fox reporting for duty and from now on you'll see me on at least a bi-weekly basis. That at least is the plan. We'll see how it pans out!

This first post is very much a catch up on the last 3 months as I've been enjoying The Analogue Painting Challenge

Everything you see here has been painted since 20 December 2016. Proud of this lot as I haven't painted much in the last couple of years!

Age of Sigmar is the current flavour here in the Land of the Fox. Chaos is of course the chosen army and everything you see is part of my Cult of the Pentagram. This is my way of painting units from different factions and calling them an army to assuage my squirrel approach to distractions...

The Five Factions then are:
Plague Monks


Giant Rats

I've always liked the rats but never liked Warhammer Fantasy enough as a game to paint a horde army. Age of Sigmar is a lovely simple game and is a breath of fresh air for me and fantasy. I'm really a sci-fi nut but am quite enjoying my stay in the fantasy world until 40K sorts itself out.

Khorne Bloodletters
I already have a rather large Daemons army which started way back when this blog first came online. I'm therefore rather attached to it and it's going to be fun adding new units!

Obviously I started with a Khorne unit and the swords show some new techniques with regard washes and dry brushing. Really quite pleased with the results.



This is another faction/race that I've always liked so they are perfect for my Cult. The skin colour is again washes over a base paint and I was very pleased to not have to do highlights!

Khorne Bloodbound
Blood Warriors

Blood Reavers

Ah yes. Khorne. You knew these boys would be in here right? All the above come from the Age of Sigmar starter set and jolly nice models they are too.

Disciples of Tzeentch

Chaos Avengers Spawn
Iron Spawn




Spider Spawn
Love the new Tzeentch models and many more will be coming to a blog near you soon. The Spawn above originally arrived at the Fox abode some 10 years ago when 40K Apocalypse first appeared and have finally seen paint!

And here's everything in handy group shots...

That's 105 models done. A huge number to do and once my two week hobby holiday is over I'll be straight back to it. Yes that's right I'm taking a short break to recharge the painting batteries after the intensity of the last week's of the challenge.

For the moment you'll either find me defending the Earth against robot dinosaurs (PS4) in Horizon Zero Dawn or trying to find humanity a new home (Xbox One) in Mass Effect Andromeda.

When I come back there are some Minotaurs demanding attention as it's the Beastmen's turn for some reinforcements!

See you in a couple of weeks.


JamieM said...

It's fantastic to see yiunenergised and painting again - and a cracking set of figures to boot!

Eddy Artillery said...

Fantastic amount of work especially seeing what a painting drought there has been at yours over the last while.

I think the brightness and vibrancy of the colours used on the Khorne boys works particularly well. Great colour choices.

pulpcitizen said...

Tremendous work Silver Fox. Maximum kudos for such brilliant output. :)

leang heng said...

So great, looking forward to more post!

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coco said...

Sweet and Crisp ! :)