3 Nov 2008

October Round Up

A reminder of the points available each month...

Painting: 1/2 done = 1 (no definition of 1/2 done other than not complete. Each case as it comes up)
Painting: all done = 1/2 done point + 1 extra
GOG Post with Pictures = 1 (even if 1/2 done you can still get a point by posting pics before end of month)
Battle Win: 3
Battle Draw: 2
Battle Loss: 1
Army Vote: up to 3

So for October there are no battles so here is what I reckon so far:
Silverback, SilverFox, GOG with No Name, Eddy, BFG:
Painting = 2
Pictures = 1

Painting = 1 (it must have been 1/2 done? mustn't it?)
Pictures = 1

This leaves us with the GOG vote. Do we reckon that Varistat's entry can be entered for this as it was late? I'll send out a quick email to work out how we do the vote.

I reckon we can include it as it is ready well before we have a chance to vote. Hey don't look at me I'm making this up as I go along!!

Edit: Added extra point for Varistat and comment re GOG Vote


JamieM said...

Why don't I get a point for posting pictures? I would have posted half finished ones on Friday had I known that would get me a point.

otherwise it penalises people who don't get the painting done twice... :(

Von said...

If you'd read the email with the points listed in it then it does mention article + pictures on time gets you a point. :)

I think it's perfectly reasonable to penalise someone twice for not painting don't you? After all this is about making a commitment and sticking to it.

However, I'm not the Rules Lawyering type though so as this is the first month I'm ok with the extra point for the pictures as you missed by only a day.

Anyone wants to disagree then please go ahead. Then remember you disagreed when it comes to your turn to wring that extra point out of me ;)

JamieM said...

We were supposed to read that e-mail? I was too busy trying to get my painting done to do that ;)