18 Nov 2008

Workbench of wonder!

Well, as promised, here's a sneaky look at my workbench/painting table as it stands at the moment. As you'll see from the main picture I have 2 rhinos and 3 sisters as my main task. 1 Rhino for this month and one for next (as it saves time doing them together) and the 3 sisters I need for Novembers unit (the rest will come from the already painted ones that I have, probably with a repaint of the armour to match my newer ones better).

Over the back on the right is more barrels and some sacks and suchlike to be used as scenery for the "legends" games we're currently playing (Old West and High seas). Over the back on the left (and in more detail in the second picture) is my pirate crew - 11 scurvey naves (and navesses) that I'm planning to have ready for the end of November when we'll start using them.

I've also got some undercoated marines & officers, but I'll save them for the next update!

By the pirates is the nurgle CSM rhino hatch with CSM and storm bolter. i finished the rhino about 6 months ago but this part of it has been on my desk for all that time! i really must find time to finish the poor little fella off......

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Eddy Artillery said...

Shiny Rhinos!

You've got to make sure the barrels and crates are finished for the 29th!!