15 Mar 2009

It's Dark and a little heretical...

....So it must be Dark Heresy!

Yes, we hurtled headlong into Roleplaying, with this rather dark and brooding role-player from Black Industries (originally) and Fantasy Flight games (who thankfully took it over and have accelerated the publishing schedule.

So, in the first roleplaying session, the players managed to severely annoy a fawning Ships purser ("take a +30% fellowship roll...... what's that? 93? Nope, I'm afraid he doesn't like you either) then got into some trouble with some thugs in an alleyway ("For the Hive! To me lads, To me! Chaaaaaaarge!...... Lads? Errr, lads, why are you hanging back there? Ouch! Ouch!")

Then they followed the Seer to the Cathedral (and only one of them fell on his ar$e whilst getting there) and they managed to get excited by a long dead trabesman with a massive cut and his eyes pecked out and a symbol burned into the ground....

Still, they did well investigating the hills though, take it away Nick......

Script: Gulley. Daylight. Dust and rocks fall gently down the slopes as our 4 intrepid travellers struggle through the rugged landscape.

Suddenly out leaps the most vile creature they have ever encountered. A dog shaped body covered in armour; the mouth is full of sharp, ragged teeth and it has no eyes.It growls menacingly...

Psyker: Emperor protect me! I'm feeling a little light headed...crumple. Pysker falls to the ground fainting dead away.
Guardsman: I've soiled my pants. Again.crumple. He sits on the ground, sticks pencils up his nose, a handkerchief on his head and says: Wibble.
Priest: Arggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhthe sound of screaming vanishes into the far distance, strangely the smell of old soiled boots disappears at the same time.
Scum: Zoiks! He's a big beastie. Right lads you distract him and I'll shoot the bugger.Looks around.
Scum: Lads? Oh FFS. Right Scooby feel this.
The shotgun goes off and the Hexalid is shredded into a thousand pieces.Scum looks well chuffed.
Scum: I'm chuffed with that. Lads look what I did.
Psyker: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Guardsman: wibble
Priest: ............aaaarrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh.......
Scum: I need a crap; where's the nearest boot?

And so they headed back to attend the service of consecration when the settlement was attacked!!!!!!! Will they fight?!?! Will they run screaming into the hills?!?!? Or will they faint dead away (again)?!?!?!?

Stay tuned and we'll see what the emperor's finest (third class) can do to solve the unusual goings on on Iocanthos......

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