31 Mar 2009


Here they are!

Only the 10 sister squad this month as I did more than enough last month with the Seraphim and sisters in a rhino.

Their rhino is nearly finished, but hasn't got any tracks on so i shall defer that until next week where I need to complete the rhino and a turret from an exorcist to get to 1,750.

'Course, we've only got until the 24 April to finish them, but we'll be fine, right?......Right?!?!?!?


Silverback said...

not too sure why there are russian FoW dice there - especially as he was talking about the free amreicans and germans in the quick start set.

JamieM said...

I bought those for dice to use with my SoTR Russians! So even more pointless than had i actually bought them to play FoW with :)

I'm gamer with no willpower (hangs head in shame)