31 Mar 2009

The meeting of two Titans

Well that was the idea when Silver back and the BFG drove their respective armies on to the table. 1750 points of Imperial Guard versus the Mean Green!

Dawn of War with only two objectives in our setup zones. The first turn only saw the one Ork Trukk with crew facing an entire armoured division of the Steel Legion.

With only 1 HQ and up to 2 troop choices saw the Guard deploying in the middle of the field to deny the ORKs deployment ground. So two platoons of Guard with a flamer each and a command squad with a flamer took up advance posts, while the HQ with a Lascannon took cover to the rear. Turn one for the Guard saw everything running or cruising on to the table. The Guard could hear the Orks but could not see them and the rest of the first turn saw them running to positions in cover.

The Ork first turn saw Wazzdakka roar on to the table and placing a well aimed shot to the Demolisher turret prevented it firing in turn two.

The first trukk charged toward one of the platoons in cover at the middle of the table and charged into them, cutting them down to a man

Probably cos they were only undercoated....The writing seemed to be on the wall when the other platoon and it's comand squad suffered a similar fate, although the platoon did last until the thord turn when it's remaining flamer, the sole survivor rushed out to flame a whole mob of bikers and succeeded in just drawing attention to himself more than anything......it was at that point this guardsman soiled himself and went down under a hail of return fire from the big shoota's on the bikes.

Meanwhile the reserves deep struck right in to the danger zone! Promptly drawing the unwelcome attention from WazzDakka...Gulp!!

The poor sods didn't know what hit them when the Nobz mob opened up on them!

The next turn saw the Ork Deff Koptas roar on behind the Demolisher and after silencing it again, finally destroyed it!

One moment of grace came when the Rough riders gunned their engines and counter attacked the Nobz mob ked by WazzDakka, while inflicting 5 wonds on the squad including Wazzdakka himself, the entire squad was summarily wiped out!

The following turns saw the infantry get run down by the Ork trukk boyz and the armour get destroyed by the power klaw wielding Nobz on bikes....it was 'orrible!

The Armoured Fist were the only troops left desperately acting as a rearguard to the onslaught of the Orks, eventually all communication was lost with them, all presumed lost.....

Well back to the drawing board for the Guard, I have until the 24th April to get this in to some sort of competitive army! As we'll be using our GoG's up in Lenton that weekend.

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