3 Jun 2010

Tyranid Test Infestation

As you all know I have an inability to keep away from starting new armies; during an email chain today I worked out that I have 11 painted armies totalling around 25,000 points. So that's enough right??

er no. A while back I swapped my Guard that never happened with my son for his Nids that never happened. I put them on the back burner. Then I managed to acquire a cheap Trygon and suddenly I fancied trying a paint scheme out on the Nids.

But not just any old paint scheme. Oh no. Not for me. I set myself a challenge: is it possible to create a paint scheme entirely using the Citadel Washes? Well judge for yourselves because the Genestealer pictured here is just that.

Spray Skull White. Then a layer of Thraka Green. Then 2 layers of Gryphonne Sepia over the skin. A 2nd coat of Thraka Green over the armour. Finally a coat of Leviathan Purple over the claws. Done. He took longer to dry between coats than he did to paint.

What do you think?


JamieM said...

Very nice! The washes work really well over the white and give him an almost translucent look that works really well in making him look very alien.

One thing to watch is that the washes really bring out any mould lines that are left. The first picture shows the line going through his head and down the front of both legs so you might need to watch that for his brood brothers....

Silverback said...

I saw these pictures and I was reminded of one of the new fangled pop videos... you know the ones, where a crowd of Khorne Bezerkers are clapping and crowded around the star of the video as he knocks out a few shapes on the dance floor to a killer beat of the hive mind

Silverback said...

Still the sharpest creases in his 'stealer troos this side of Sandhurst!