29 May 2012

World Eaters Recruit a Large Fellow

Well hello! It has been a while hasn't it?

To be honest somewhere between Xmas and going to Australia in April for work I lost my wargame mojo. Still playing although not as often as I'd like and certainly no painting of note!

I needed something to get me back in. As nice and as fun as the skirmish games are I will always fall back on my major love which is 40K. Sci-Fi, big armies and lovely miniatures always pull me back in. So I decided that the only way to get back in to painting was to pick up something I really wanted to paint and the skirmish games be damned :-)

After much investigation of the shelves I came across a Daemon Prince - not exactly hiding as he's huge but sulking most definately. He'd been built and undercoated ages ago and yet never painted for some reason.

Armed with some of the new GW paints I set about painting him up for the World Eaters.

Do you like my Axe?
His skin is Mechrite Red washed with Reikland Fleshshade. Then I layered up using Mephiston Red and then Evil Sunz Scarlet. I was tempted to go one shade higher again but opted against as he'd be orange...

I've been Painted!

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this chap up and I've now resolved to finish off some of the other World Eater units whilst the mood takes me. You'll note some Bezerkers in the background above. That's the final squad of 10 and their Rhino which are on the table now. Aim to have them completed by the end of the Jubilee Celebrations.

Red Bull gives you...

Not sure what's next after the Bezerkers but I have just transferred some Obliterators from the Iron Warriors (on their way to being sold) and will be getting the cutting tools out soon to bulk them up. See if I can shoe-horn some firepower into the army!

Hopefully be back soon with further updates on the World Eaters...


Eddy Artillery said...


Welcome back to the blog!

He is one scary mo fo!

Rathstar said...

Very nice model and painting, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the army.


pulpcitizen said...

Lovely work, very effective. :)