12 Jan 2014

Eldar Vypers reporting in

Families are marvellous aren't they? I was informed Friday night that next weekend we need to go out on Saturday: but what about my painting challenge? - I asked. The reply is not quite printable here to be honest but suffice to say lots of pressure this weekend to get things done.

Did I succeed? Well every model is now painted to 3-colour standard and what's more I've managed to get some highlights involved as well!

When you were last here the 2 Vypers were not even out of their boxes. Well here they are all completed awaiting some basing. I may need to revisit some of the purple highlighting once I have a go at a bigger vehicle but for now I'm very pleased with these two.
We were done in a single weekend. Nyah, nyah, nyah.
And with so much time to spare I then set about highlighting one squad of Wraithguard. Again happy with how these chaps have come out so leave them alone now!
I have highlighted friends now

The scores on the doors then:
5 Wraithguard - basing
5 Wraithguard - basing / highlighting
2 Wave Serpents - basing / highlighting
1 Wraithlord - basing / highlighting
1 Fire Prism - basing / highlighting
1 Spiritseer - basing
2 Vypers - basing

12 days to go...

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pulpcitizen said...

You were a brave man to actually venture the question!

I remain impressed with your progress. :)