3 Jan 2014

Happy New Eldar

Happy New Eldar to everyone!

When I started this challenge back on 15 December I really wasn't sure it was achievable. However, the combination of determination to clear the shelves, field a new army in 2014, Christmas break and a very accommodating wife means I now think it is entirely possible. Hopefully not famous last words.

As the weekend dawns I have paint on the Fire Prism and Crimson Hunter as below

I'm a Crimson Hunter... without the Crimson I'll admit

Look at my Gun! Look at it....

Obviously a large amount of tidying up to be done with the cockpits and in particular the Fire Prism's gun but 3 colours in evidence. I finally managed to use some yellow with the army and I suspect the Spiritseer will see some of that as well to help make him unique.

So what's the state of play then?

1 Wraithguard awaiting basing
9 Wraithguard awaiting highlighting / basing
2 Wave Serpents awaiting tidy up / highlighting / basing
1 Wraithlord awaiting highlighting / basing
1 Crimson Hunter awaiting tidy up / highlighting / basing
1 Fire Prism awaiting tidy up / highlighting / basing
1 Spiritseer on the painting table
2 Vypers on their way from the supplier

The plan this weekend is to paint the Spiritseer and get the tidying up done. By the end of the weekend after the Vypers need to be base coloured as a minimum. That then leaves the final weekend for finishing the Vypers and basing the army.

Must find some time to read the Codex as well....

21 days to go


Silverback said...

Wow! And well done you.

I think you will be surprised how much the base coat will improve with a wash and some varnish!

I suggest you reward your accommodating wife with a present or two..... Maybe the new mid codex for example..

Von said...

I'm not planning on washing the basecoat as the vehicles will not look right; always looks brushed or dabbed on.

I am, however, going to use heavy highlighting which is something I've never done before on vehicles. Always good to try new things right??

Chances are I won't get to the highlighting before the event but once mastered I will then turn my attention to the Wraithknight.

Von said...

I'm not sure she'll appreciate the Nid Codex. Already treated her and no doubt more payment required :)

pulpcitizen said...

Excellent progress sir. :)

JamieM said...

Very nice - the prism itself looks very nice.... but have you "cheated" on your no highlighting promise on it?!?!?